What I Bought This Week!

Hello! Happy Friday!!! We made it thru another week.

It’s been a fun week for me filled with :

1. tile installations

2. staging consultations

3. meetings with an upholsterer

4. meetings in person and online with clients

5. window treatment installations (and issues, but I won’t get into that negativity today) :/

…and so much more...

I was able to take a moment to refresh my staging inventory and ordered some great pieces to add to the mix. Thought I’d share what I bought this week in case it inspires you to update your home too.

  1. Midcentry modern inspired arm chairs. I can’t wait for these to arrive as I know I’ll be sending them out to houses right away! I love the mix of metal, leather and wood.

  2. I ordered more wooden chains because these are the easiest things to decorate with. Have them cascading out of a bowl or just lying on a table top for instant glam.

  3. I was in need of more dining chairs and knew I needed something to coordinate with the new mid entry modern arm chairs. I like the simplicity of these dining chairs and they can go in any design style.

  4. Faux plants. Truthfully, I’m not a big fan of fake plants in my own home; however, for home staging they are ideal!! Obviously, they require no maintenance. The biggest reason why I try to add as many faux plants as I can to a vacant house is because it tricks your mind into thinking there is “life” in the house. They add color, warmth and a sense of life in a space that is so important in softening a vacant home.

Let me know what you all think of my purchases this week. I would love to hear your comments.

Enjoy your weekend!

Thankful for you!


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